Archwood UCC

Mission and Core Values

of Archwood United Church of Christ

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on our "Bold New Beginning in Mission and Worship"!

Mission Statement of Archwood United Church of Christ

We are a Christian community of God's people growing:
broader through love and acceptance,
warmer through community,
stronger through worship,
deeper through spiritual growth,
and larger through faith-in-action.

Core Values

Love and acceptance. We welcome, respect, and value diversity by providing a place for honest, authentic relationships where we can be real and accepted. We offer an inclusive, unconditional, loving environment where those who are hurting, frustrated, and confused can find guidance and encouragement as we travel our shared spiritual path.

Community. Archwood UCC is a "rainbow" of people from all walks of life. We experience a depth and breadth of community that is rare and precious. As we celebrate our diversity together through worship, outreach, and fellowship, God blesses us with unity. Linked together, we are God's instruments to strengthen the congregation and to reach beyond church walls.

Worship. Worship is central to our existence. It is the "living spring" from which love and acceptance, community, spiritual growth and faith- in-action flow. Our worship services are inclusive Christian experiences where we explore and celebrate God's mystery and open ourselves to the Spirit as we seek to understand and live according to the teachings of Jesus. We come together as a congregation celebrating God's goodness and grace, and seeking encouragement and direction for the challenges in our daily lives.

Spiritual Growth. The people of Archwood UCC represent a wide variety of spiritual traditions, and we invite and support all people on a journey of spiritual discovery. Rather than just joining a church and going through the motions, we desire to experience God and grow spiritually. We believe that to be involved is to grow.

Faith-in-Action. We are a church for people who want to stretch themselves and put their faith into practice. We believe that God has given every person spiritual gifts and we demonstrate a servant's heart by seeking opportunities to do ministry as part of our spiritual development. We are encouraged to take personal ownership of our church and to serve the church, its members, and the community. We strive to do ministry and service that will matter today, tomorrow, and for eternity.

The Open and Affirming Covenant of Archwood UCC

As members of a Christian community of faith, Archwood United Church of Christ has been strengthened by its struggles to act within the spirit of that faith against the prejudices and injustices that prevail in much of society today. We have extended our spiritual horizons, opened our doors to welcome all who seek a church home, and put the Good News message that we preach into practice.

As one expression, Archwood Church covenants to live as an Open and Affirming congregation of the United Church of Christ, welcoming people regardless of sexual or gender orientation into the full life, membership, leadership and employment of this church.

Archwood Church further covenants to seek to live as a multicultural, multiracial, intergenerational community, continuing to break down the barriers of separation between communities based on race, sex, age, class, culture, language and other social differences, celebrating our diversity while affirming our unity in Jesus Christ.