Archwood UCC

Engaging our Faith

at Archwood United Church of Christ

Our worship services, each Sunday at 11 a.m., are a blend of spiritual traditions and cultural expressions. Some of our members come from backgrounds in the United Church of Christ and the traditions that formed it, but others are from Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and many other heritages, including no specific religious background at all. Occasionally during Sunday worship we set aside a few moments at the start of the service to meet a member of Archwood, a Brooklyn Centre neighbor or someone from the wider community. Our style is casual and informal, but if you like to dress up for church, do it! Come as you are, dressed in whatever way you feel comfortable. Our service includes times when we greet the people around us and when you can raise your prayers of joy or concern aloud -- only if you want to, of course! The sacrament of Holy Communion is offered at some services, and all are welcome to partake, whether or not you are formally a member of any church.

Since August 2014, Archwood has been in a remarkable -- and deliberately extended -- time of shaping our mission and ministry. With help from the wider United Church of Christ, we are engaged in a "New Beginnings" process. The goal is to decide on the particular work we're called to do as Christians in this time and place, and how prayer, worship, study and spirituality will feed and be fed by our work. The process has included months of assessment, study and prayer, including weeks of small-group meetings at the church and in members' homes. Below you'll find a document, "A Bold New Beginning in Mission and Worship", that outlines our aspirations, as voted by the congregation in June 2015. Two years later, we are revisiting those aspirations to see how we have done and make decisions for the immediate and long-term future. All are invited to the continuing conversation on that topic, held on selected Sundays at 10 a.m., usually in the parlor, before worship. To find out when the next of these conversations will be held, contact Edie Rasell,