Archwood UCC

Engaging our Faith

at Archwood United Church of Christ

Our worship services, each Sunday at 11 a.m., are a blend of spiritual traditions and cultural expressions. Some of our members come from backgrounds in the United Church of Christ and the traditions that formed it, but others are from Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian and many other heritages, including no specific religious background at all. Our style is casual and informal, but if you like to dress up for church, do it! Come as you are, dressed in whatever way you feel comfortable. Our service includes times when we greet the people around us and when you can raise your prayers of joy or concern aloud -- only if you want to, of course! The sacrament of Holy Communion is offered at some services, and all are welcome to partake, whether or not you are formally a member of any church. We love to use music in our worship; we sing and are almost always accompanied by a piano, but sometimes have other instruments like drums, a recorder, or a saxophone play along with us.
Our main missions are our twice-monthly produce sale and our adult education book group, both of which you can learn more about on our Community Ministries page.